Cittadellarte Artists residence

Thanks to Fashion Revolution Italia I had the opportunity to take part in the digital exhibition Artivism in which I was selected by Cittadellarte to participate in an artists’ residency with other designers from the sustainable fashion world.

Cittadellarte is an art and fashion academy founded by artist Michelangelo Pistoletto in an old abandoned wool factory in Biella, Milan.

During the week of residency, I was able to learn about some realities that are struggling to create a more transparent and clean fashion industry. Local projects for the recovery of textile waste that become a new material for the manufacture of sustainable fashion.

Art Fashion Show

During the month of pumpkins, the “Art Fashion Show” was held in Catania, closing the Catania Summer Fest program in a meeting that brought art and fashion together.
At the Cortile Platamone, a historical location, the works of various international artists were on display across the stage showing a carousel of colors and fabrics.
There I was with the latest A Pompidou Ecofashion designs colored with natural dyes and decorated with the embroideries from my collection “S I C I L I A”. Also some of my handwoven flamenco-inspired dresses were on the catwalk.
It was certainly an honor to be able to participate in a parade in the city that adopted me in the last years.

Artivism- Fashion Revolution Italia

The week of the fashion revolution is here again. Stronger than ever and loaded with events around the world to open a reflection on our consumption habits, especially in the fashion world.
The Fashion Revolution headquarters in each country created original events and calls to action on social media to spread their message.
And with those I decided to send an explanatory video of A Pompidou Ecofashion for the Fashion Revolution Italia contest in which a number of artists would be selected to show their works in the Artivism digital exhibition.
What a pleasant surprise when A Pompidou Ecofashion was selected to participate at Artivism and I was awarded by the jury to go this winter to an artists’ residency at “Citta dell’Arte”, Biella.


This year Fashion Revolution week has come at a time of worldwide crisis due to COVID-19.
In response to these events, A Pompidou joins several artisans and designers of sustainable fashion to propose an online event in which people are motivated to repair and customize clothing as an act of revolution.


During the Queen Upcycling event in Madrid, the organization ATRAPO Lab promoted a textile recycling marathon in which 4 sustainable designers participated by creating live a unique piece. The event consists of designing and making a piece of clothing from the clothes located on a mountain in the center of the room.


Last February the first edition of the Sustainable Fashion Week catwalk was held in Madrid.
A Pompidou was there sharing space with huge Spanish and international sustainable brands.
Inside the SFW there was an Upcycling moment. Queen Upcycling gave the opportunity to show their work to textile up cycling brands, giving extreme importance to this sustainable fashion sector that solves the problem of waste.


The Nazionale Garitta Prize is held every year in Italy. A Pompidou had the pleasure of participating in its 43rd edition dedicated to “Mother Earth”, where I received, as designer of the A Pompidou brand, the award in the “fashion” category for my work in recycling and sustainability.
I can’t find the words to express the way I feel to have my work given this recognition.


Etna Fashion Weekend is an event promoting fashion, art and culture, organised annually on the slopes of Etna, Sicily. In 2019, we participated for the second year running. A Pompidou presented its new upcycling fashion collection “LANDSCAPES”, and opened the show with great flamenco choreography, during which the dancers wore our brand  flamenco dresses.


Fashion Revolution is a citizen-led global movement created to protest what happened in Bangladesh in 2013, where the Rana Plaza, a textile factory in which clothing was manufactured for the fast fashion industry, collapsed.
Since then, the Fashion Revolution is celebrated every year. Events are organised in many cities around the world to raise awareness of the damage that the fast fashion industry causes to the planet and people.
A Pompidou has been present at various Fashion Revolution events both in Italy and in Spain. And what about you? Will you join the fashion revolution?


This spring we attended La Térmica cultural centre in Malaga, where an event dedicated to sustainable fashion was held by AMSE ( Spanish Sustainable Fashion Association) as part of Fashion Revolution Week.
A Pompidou presented its new flamenco/festival dresses made with recycled shirts.


On March 30th the upcycling fashion contest “Tejiendo Descosíos” (mending a torn seam), organised by Humana, took place in Madrid.
A Pompidou entered the contest, and travelled to the capital to join the parade with hand-made loom-woven skirts, made with recycled materials.
A fun atmosphere, music, sustainable fashion shows and cocktails.
We end up with a great impression of the event, because we take home the first prize in the contest. Woohoo!


A Pompidou offers workshops for craft enthusiasts. During the workshops, we teach students the basics of certain artisan techniques, so that they learn while developing their own creations.