For the last couple of years I have focused mainly on Upcycling. I reuse clothing and materials that would otherwise end up in the landfills, like many other things in mountains and mountains of garbage.

I love the idea of ​​using something that, in theory, has no value anymore and creating something new with it. Upcycling is a challenge, since unlike in traditional fashion where you first design and then choose the fabrics you are going to use, first you have to see the materials available, and, from them create a design, converting a waste into a unique and unrepeatable piece.


A Pompidou Ecofashion is a part of me,  I am the one behind this project, from the idea, to the elaboration of the design, the preparation of your order,  social networks, answering to emails, creating content for the web and the youtube channel etc … But I’m not alone! Because behind this universe there are a lot of people who support me every day, my mom who helps me correct the texts in Spanish since Italian is taking over my being, my partner, who helps me not to go crazy in the endless race of technology, the dear friends who help me with the backpacks during the photo shoots and various fashion shows, and you, the customer who trust me, in my crazy ideas, who choose a product made with love, designed to accompany you for a long time and that combines not only with your shoes, but also with your ideals. So thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure!

Local production, local materials

As far as possible all the materials I use are local. I take advantage of trips to the city to collect the clothes that people keep for me when they clean their closet. When I get home I make a selection of the garments. I separate the clothes in good condition to take them to associations that may need them. What I cannot use I give to other artisans who may be able to take advantage of those garments.

Resource optimization

I live in a house in the country. I have a synergistic garden and although my house is not yet 100% energy sustainable, I try to make the most of and reuse the resources. I collect rainwater for my natural dyes as well as the first cold shower water and kitchen water to water the plants. I don’t have a tumble dryer, clothes and garments are dried outdoors here. Many of the garden plants are used for salads, herbal teas and natural dyes.

For the patterns and other experiments I collect newspaper and cardboard.


Apart from reusing old garments to make my designs, the cuttings of these garments also have their function, they are reused over and over again.

When I make the yarn balls with clothes, I save the rest of the fabric to make bags for Christmas gifts or linings for the back of some pieces taken from the loom. As for the cutouts of shirts, I use them as fabric to embroider on the hoop and jeans are an indispensable resource in my studio for a thousand crazy applications that come to my mind. The smallest rags of all, in theory are useless,but I use them too as fillers for my fabric dolls. Waste yes, there is some, small pieces of fabric and the ends of the sewing and embroidery threads. These I throw in the trash (please, if you have ideas to recycle these threads share with me, =) I love meeting other incredible recycling minds).