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a pompidou

When someone asks me, what is A Pompidou, a thousand answers pass through my mind. And what is it? A Pompidou is not just a sustainable fashion brand. It is an idea, a dream, a way of seeing and experiencing the world in which we live.


Taking care of the little details


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Made in Spain

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Our values

Handicrafts, recycling and respect for nature

We’re trying to revive the ideas of artisanal work, of quality rather than quantity, a return to the job well done, slowly, unhurriedly ... We like the beauty in imperfection, we like making things with the hands and the heart and above all, we love nature, our planet… Recycling is our way of creating less waste, of extending the life of so many products that would otherwise end up in the trash. We want to live on a planet where there are forests that give us fresh air, where flowers fill the streets, and where there is clean and accessible water for everyone. For a better world for us and for future generations…

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