Cocktail Dresses

Regional costumes have always been a passion of mine, and during recent years travelling around the world, I have marvelled at and admired how these handicrafts reflect the culture and history of each place.
In Jerez de la Frontera, one of the jewels of flamenco and the town that once was my base of operations, the Feria del Caballo is held every year. Multicoloured lights illuminate the huts of the fair. These huts are full of women wearing their beautiful costumes. So I decided that I would very much like to participate in that explosion of colour.
The flamenco dress is the only regional costume that submits itself year after year to fashion and the interpretation of so many designers.
Last winter, by the fireside in a mountain cabin during my stay in Sicily, I decided to apply the latest techniques used in my A POMPIDOU ECOFASHION collections to make some of these beautiful costumes.
Interlacing threads drawn from recycled t-shirts, I designed flounces on my looms. I worked with different textures on the dressmaker’s mannequin to create exclusive skirts with hand-stitched details. And stitch by stitch, my first flamenco dress with the essence of A POMPIDOU emerged.