When the first La Madeja event was held, I thought it was going to be that, an event and it was over. Then the summer passed and looking back I realized that La Madeja had left a very good taste in my mouth.

It is very nice to meet such wonderful artists and projects around the world, because if one thing has internet, it is that you can chat with a person who is in the other part of the planet just by pressing a button on your phone.

That is why I decided to return to the interviews, slowly and without rush, when I have a little time in the calendar.

And so it was that I contacted Marion De La Porte, co-founder of the company Sin Plástico, the first online store for plastic-free products in Spain.

Marion’s vision of a plastic-free life and toxic-free motherhood was undoubtedly an inspiration to do things a little bit better and continue to learn every day on this long road that is sustainability.

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