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When someone asks me, what is A Pompidou, a thousand answers pass through my mind. And what is it? A Pompidou is not just a sustainable fashion brand. It is an idea, a dream, a way of seeing and experiencing the world in which we live. A Pompidou is my way of telling you a story, of conveying a message, of expressing myself through these designs that are, for me, little pieces of myself. Tiny babies that I see growing in my own universe, and which, by taking care of even the smallest of details, grow until each becomes a unique garment, handmade by myself. Many attempts and experimentation run behind each dress. Fabrics which are modelled on quality pieces, with personality, lasting over time ... Yes, A Pompidou is a sustainable, ethical fashion brand which is aware of what is happening in the world. I believe in a different, green, clean planet, on which we can live in harmony. And so I decided that I wanted to create a different fashion. This is me. This is A POMPIDOU.

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About me

My name is Olga. I was born in Madrid, Spain, but when they ask me where I come from, I always say that I am a citizen of the world. When I was little, I liked to transform all the clothes I found around the house into new dresses. I loved the designers known as Vacas Flacas (Skinny Cows) that in the 90s were so successful making clothes from other objects. Over the years, I decided to study fashion design. After my studies, suitcase in hand, I set off to travel the world. Each place, the colours, the different cultures, inspire my designs. Step by step, I understood that fashion is a problem for our planet and for the people who make our garments, which made me think a lot about the way I wanted to design and produce my collections. I combined my two passions, travel and design, to create unique dresses made with organic and/or recycled materials. The whole production process is done by me, and sometimes the dresses are decorated with accessories which I buy from artisans in the places where I travel. My goal is to create an ethical and sustainable fashion. Unique designs made with love, taking care of small details, without damaging nature or people, lasting over time ...

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